Thank you for coming to ‘A Thing’ exhibition

2016-06-29 11:20  /  A Thing, Exhibition

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Thank you so much for coming to my first exhibition despite the rain and distant location. 

The people who came to the exhibition felt it with their whole bodies and senses, it was something even beyond emotions. We were all feeling as if remembering the memory before everything was born, even before light and darkness. The space and the time wasn’t mine, nor anybody’s. I wish you were there, all of whom couldn’t make it.




厭離庵さん、UMU PRISM O LYRA 、そして私を含め開催する側にとっても特別だった展覧会を、沢山の人が全身と全感覚を使って、感情を越えた何かを感じてくれていたのではと思っています。あの空間と時間はわたしのものでもなければ、誰のものでもなかった。全てのものが生まれる前の記憶を思い出してるような。いうなら、遠い尊いなにかに向けて捧げる祈の様だった。本当にありがとう。

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